About Us

Soma Book Station

Dear friends,

Few words about Soma.
SOMA Book Station identifies itself as one of the first locations for diversity in atmosphere and education of cultures. Pick the time of day that fits your mood.
By day, enjoy a good read, great bites and an assortment of wines and beverages at our café. You can expect a mellow mood to enjoy your favorite book in solitude.
By night, SOMA transforms into the place to be; where our guests are exposed to innovative music in a variety of genres while sipping on the best hand-crafted cocktails in the city. Rock and roll, jazz, blues, indie, experimental electronic and hip hop have been featured at SOMA. Meet your friends at SOMA for a great night out.
Simply stated; nights at SOMA are all about the music.
We understand the unique personalities of our city and offer SOMA to you with the intent to make it your home whatever your taste may be. Join us in reaching our city in the newest trends in literature, music, design and hand-crafted cocktails.
Take care and see you soon,